Soy Milk Moisture Milky Lotion Refill 130Ml

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Skinny feel. Toner milky lotions of soymilk. Gooey with no stickiness - Riu Luo, to clean skin. To the organic splendor of female skin area. The soy milk fermented fluid that contains isoflavone works in order to keep female's skin which is lovely. It results in moisture and moisture on the bare skin and brings about plump fluids. Soy dairy fermented solution (moisturizing ingredient) has isoflavone. Soya bean extract, veggie collagen: soy protein (moisturizing ingredients) created. Flavor-free, color free, mineral oil. The way to use: After attending a solution, take a suitable volume (one yen coin size) in the palm of the hands of yours and lightly rub it on the epidermis of yours.

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