Baby Powder Calming Lotion 125Ml 125Ml

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This course is produced of EcoCert credentialed White Willow Bark heart, food grade Corn Starch and Tapioca Starch and doesn't incorporate talcum powder and that is damaging to human body. Moreover, superior technology is used by this specific product to rotate the talcum powder in to the emulsion. The emulsion is able to stop powder dust from sucking in into the lungs and also harm the wellbeing of the child. After bathing, this specific shoe is able to offer the baby's skin a clean and fresh experience which enables it to stop additional rash or diaper rash brought on by urine or sweat. This course is additionally passed by International Bacteria and Heavy Metal Content Testing, parents may be certain of extended use by the child. Paraben Free. Mineral Oil Free. Silicon Free. Synthetic Fragrance free of charge. The way to use: After warm bath, use a suitable volume of product on palm. And then carefully spread out with the infant's human body until completely absorbed. Pack Size - 125ml

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